The Matador

Excerpt, Bishop Young’s prayer journal:

O Lord, You told us that we are to take great joy in times of trouble, because only through the testing of our faith can we improve ourselves and grow closer to You. I, a mere mortal, can only wonder as to why the course You ordained had to be this one.

Bishop Mallard and I were present before the condemned went to the vats. We had to put our own to death. Lord, it pains my heart to witness the enormity of these circumstances. Why did they show no remorse, even when stepping into eternity?

It is said that this whole thing was a front, a scam devised to glut on resources, but I don’t believe that this was all constructed; it was merely twisted. We are but evil men, and any Church incarnate is composted of evil men representing You. We must maintain vigilance unto the evil, but because those in power are corrupt does not disqualify Your grace from reality.

I see now that I have been tested, and succeeded. Thank You for giving me the strength to accomplish this.

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