Ex Cathedra

Excerpt, Bishop Mallard’s prayer diary:

Lord…I am in ruins.

Justice has been done; penance made. But…penance. What is it, when taken into consideration?

This whole religious structure was constructed for the express purpose of blinding us to the truth. I was an unwitting accomplice, knowing not what I did. We took the sheep, and like sheep were led astray, silent and unquestioning. This whole hierarchy…was it truly all for naught?

Do the fabrications we have seen invalidate our entire point of being? Is what we thought real merely an illusion, a metaphysical trompe l’oeil, based in fiction and ultimately meaning nothing? Or, perhaps, does our very belief that it does exist through that sheer facet make it real? Or are we victims of circumstances beyond our control, like a viewscreen damaged, only having issue in the reception and interpretation of the signal?

The signal…the faulty signal…the “cloud” that wasn’t…


Guide me, God, for I am nothing, and I know not what to do.

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