Domination One Backpack at a Time!

Students were outraged! How would they carry their books and contraband? How would they show their personal tastes?

And hikers were most frustrated. How would they conquer the 40 mile trails now? Purses?! It was outrageous. Backpack protests took to the streets.


It all started when they banned carry-on luggage at the airport, calling it a waste of time, manpower, and money. At first people were happier for the shorter boarding times, and they grumbled about the clear plastic bags their pills, inhalers, and personals had to be in, but it streamlined the airport and people let it slide.

Then the items that used to be fun to smuggle on planes became fun to smuggle into high schools because they had metal detectors and guards, but no ban on backpacks.

Until Public Law 10-44.

What was the backpack’s crime? Being the scapegoat in the war for domination of the common people. But the people will always fright for liberty, even the liberty to carry items in zippered privacy.

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