Not your normal road trip

Halloween party in the dorm. One of my guests used a fire extinguisher for a joke and the RA got all up in my face about it. I’d had enough.

My friends kept partying while I packed up my room and carted it down to the car. Then the party went on the road. Five carloads looking for a place to land. All underage. I had so much stuff in my car that I ended up with a bag of ice with a bottle of wine in it between my legs. Hard to drive that way. Prayed I wouldn’t get pulled over.

We’re driving down the highway pulling the cars up parallel and passing halloween candy between the cars. Guy on a motorcycle comes up and grabs some.

Where do you go when you’ve got no place to go? The back roads to the woods. Found a good stretch of dead end road. Cranked up the boom boxes. Drank way too much. Monica puked in my plastic Halloween pumpkin then passed out on the hood of my car.

Drove to a friend’s house mesmerized by the traffic lights I was so tired. Would have to deal with the parents tomorrow.

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