To Lose The One You Love

The skies lit in a flash, as lightening passed. The bed shook as the thunder roared, a glass of water edged closer to the edge of the table. The baby scared awake, crying for his mother. The blood dried on the wall, and the carpet was soaked in it. My head was throbbing in pain, my hand quivered as I held the phone in my hands. Tears drying up on my cheeks, as I could no longer cry. She stood near the bathroom sink, looking peaceful then ever. I could see a small journal in the bed side table, with a red silk strip of cloth sticking out of the book. I picked it up to read it, it was her final posting. Talking about a boy at school, how much she feels a lust of love towards the young man. The lightening kept lighting up the room, taking me back to reality. I closed the small journal and stored it neatly back in its place. The night was silent, the night was silent. It was awoken, by the sound of a gun shot. She took her life away, over pain. I wasn’t able to say how I loved her with all my heart.

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