Touched, Burned (Winter Coat pt. 3)

She looked out over the water that seemed to slither above the garden path.
“Amazing, isn’t it?” he said to her, his voice chilling her. She nodded and smiled as they continued on. He teased her as she awkwardly stepped over the rocks and kept an eye out for bees and wasps. The water calmly sighed, as did he. She misinterpreted it as spoken words, and as she turned to ask him what he whispered, she fixated on him. He was amazing. She couldn’t tell him she cared for him. It would be too difficult now. It would be too selfish.
“Are you OK?” he asked as he scratched his sunburned arms.
“I’m fine. I won’t burn,” she answered as she inhaled the cool air, her body rife with goosebumps. They watched the ocean move about and the creatures as they let the water glide over them triumphantly. She touched her shoulder. Over her tanned skin was a smoldering pink. She knew she was done for. Crying would not wash this day away. She was branded and this time, it was forever. She played with fire far too long.

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