The Outbreak

Wake up
A moan
A louder moan
What is it Carl

I couldn’t believe Carl was up this late, disturbing my sleep. There was only 3 more hours before I had to be at work. “Carl honey its late go back to sleep.” -“Mary it has happened.” – “What happened Carl.” – “The military came to the chemical lab, they took some people away.” – “Why Carl.”

Carl stood by the window looking out into the yard, Mary was worried she has never seen her husband in this state before.

“Mary someone has released a virus, people died.” Carl opened the window “Their bodies rotted in a matter of hours, and some weren’t even dead when it happened.”
Mary grabbed her glasses to see Carl better threw the darkness. “What’s going to happen Carl?” – “I don’t know, I heard the military is going to close the town off and wait for it to pass.” – “There going to let us die here without any help.” – “Yes Mary, we must gather up clothing, food, and the first aid kit.” – “Where are we headed Carl?” – “Out west, past the mountains.”

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