Summer loving 5

“Good throw Kim!”
I laughed. I had quickly made friends with the players, Vanessa, Danielle, Aubree, and Taylor.
“Thanks Aubree!”
We laughed and chatted in the dugout, then it was my turn at bat.
The mysterious boy came up to the fence right behind me.
I tried to ignore him. I got set up on the plate.
The first pitch came. It was right down the middle. I swung.
The mysterious boy talked.
“Your swinging a little late. And try choking up.”
I looked back at him. He was smiling.
“I can swing just fine, not that its your buissness.”
The next pitch came. I swung again.
I looked back again. I thought about his advice.
It wouldn’t hurt to try.
I choked up a little and swung a second earlier.
I heard the crack as the bat hit the ball.
I watched the ball go to left field. Then I remembered I had to run.

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