Red Storm.

Bullets came down like hail. It was a live or die situation and I didn’t know which way fate would take me. I tried to see my German enemy through the snow, but they wore white to mask themselves. It was hard, and frightening.
“Marcus!” Someone called, but my ears were ringing.
The recoil hit me like lightening, taking away my breath. One, shapeless figure fell, then another. I wasn’t even looking through my scope anymore, going into some sort of rage, or adrenaline rush.
Another fell, and another. Suddenly I was unstoppable. Blood pooled around the dead men, the men I had killed.
I sat back behind the tree to reload. The snow below me was red. Looking down I discovered the wound that was killing me. Freddy grabbed me before I fell over.
“No!” he cried. My blood was everywhere.
I fished the bloody picture out of my pocket. Lily smiled at me. “There are somethings worth dying for.”

When the battle was over, I retrieved the picture. I’d never forget what Marcus had fought and died for.

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