Ruthie May

“I’m too tired to write today,”
Said Ruthie May to her teacher.
“I was up all night,
Mom and Dad had a fight!
Dad had a lesson to teach her!”

“I hid under the covers and cried.
Dad found me and said I was dreamin’.
He tucked me in,
covers up to my chin,
But I stayed awake through the screamin’.

“They argued and fought all night.
They broke dishes and threw chairs.
But I was okay,
My room’s far away,
I just listened under my teddy bears.”

Ruthie May walked to the school nurse.
She laid down on a thick foam cot.
They woke her for lunch,
On pizza she did munch,
Then by the counselor she was sought.

Her story went into a report.
She begged her Mom and Dad not to know.
Then went back to class,
With a written hall pass,
And gathered her work to go home.

That night red and blue lights danced
Across her wall as she quietly stared.
A cop carried her out.
Silent tears began to spout.
Ruthie May pretended not be scared.

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