Reminisce Big!

The silver-haired hero was at it again! This time he was traveling across the Sahara on a camel with a caravan that was attacked by Libyan forces on their way to conquer a small town he couldn’t pronounce.

Everybody was killed except him, because he slit his camel’s throat, then it’s belly and climbed inside to hide. The Libyans made camp and used the caravan’s looted supplies to get drunk and sing and party all night. He climbed out in the wee hours of dawn and walked until he was half dead to an oasis.

He took a bath, then washed his clothes and hung them to dry. A beautiful Egyptian girl bellydanced for him, hoping for some money, but when he said he had none, she stole his clothes.

Naked, he wove together palm leaves into a loin cloth and walked to Egypt, carrying a woven bag of coconuts for his only sustenance. He walked along the Nile from source to delta, then stowed away on a cargo ship to Italy.

By now it was time for the silver-haired hero’s medicine and nap, so the nurses wheeled him away.

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