Different=death part 2.

Fangs protruded from their mouths as they wickedly smiled after their prey. As they closed in on her Annalise saw that they were pale white, whiter than snow. the hunger in their eyes was horrific. “Vampires.” she breathed out lower than a whisper. “Yes little werewolf, we are vampires.” The taller one on the left said grimacing at her. "I am Roland, and this is Charles he said pointing to the man next to him. “Why did you attack my family?” Annalise growled. “Because little werewolf, you are inferior to us vampires. you’re stupid family was just the first to be attacked, all other werewolves will soon be gone but first we have to dispose of you.” Charles said. Roland and Charles lunged at Annalise on both sides of her. She quickly jumped backwards and leaped over the colliding vampires. she ran towards the closest village twenty miles away. when she was right outside the village she transformed back into a human and climbed through the house window.

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