vasectomy august 14 03:00 - 13:15

Fri 14 Aug: can’t sleep, thinking, the feeling of “do the right thing” resolves into these words to my wife “I never want you or me to feel I’m holding back. I want to give you everything I’ve got”.
get to work tired but somehow energised.
mother in law picks me up, talk random family stuff. drop off at 12: 40. reception. no waiting. friendly Tania – mention it being my daughters name only with a y – fills in the last bits of info, sign here. “down the corridor, right, section 5” she directs me with a smile.
find section 5 easily. dodge a kid walking up and down. arrive at the nurse’s station which is deserted. wait a while, nurse Janine rocks up, apologises and shows me to my bed. 5B, nice window with warm noon sun streaming in.
“take off all your clothes and put on the green hospital gown and the Calvin Klein underpants” she jokes.
I’m sure she made that joke a million times.
closes the curtain and leaves me to it.
get undressed, hospital gown feels starched, but clean, also a bit cool in the bum area.

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