vasectomy august 14 13:15 - 15:45

Fri 14 Aug cont: lie down on bed, fire up Opera mini on the cell and check facebook. set status to “is having a vasectomy today. yay” should be good for a couple of comments. Lucky arrives to do the pre-op documents. tells me I should call him Lehlolonolo (Note: hl is pronounced sh) if I can manage. break my tongue at first but after a few tries get it right. start joking around, nerves, nurse Janine checks up. more wisecracks. Lucky takes my blood pressure, pulse etc. and put on my bangles. guy (can’t remember his name) comes in asks about underwear size. XL I tell him, runs off again. arrives some time later with two packets of scrotal support underwear. they don’t look too bad, thick rubber band is all I can see. Lucky gives me a couple of papers to fill in and sign, then leaves. now the waiting starts. read comments on FB. fall asleep, do some meditative breathing watch some TV. mythbusters – the one with the coin from the Empire State Building. those guys make me laugh. nervousness almost gone.

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