A Cry from Afar

They were strolling through the forest in no particular direction as they suddenly heared the painful cry of a woman.
Trying to pinpoint the direction they were listening anxiously. The cry intensified & they started to run in the direction of the cry.
Arriving at the origin they saw the strangest sight of their lifes. A young, beautiful, raven haired women was totally enceased by blue fire. The fire seemed to cause no direct pain or injury, but it was completely covering her & keeping her constrained.
She cried “Help me get free, it won’t be your disadvantage”.
“Tell us more.”, the pointy eared elf chieftain of the pack demanded.
“I am a priestess of the eastern kingdom. An evil mage keeps me hostage for ransom & surrender of the King. Please break the ban, set me free & help me get back.”
The oldest member of the team, a grey bearded mage moved closer to the flames. He tried to detect the spell to be able to break it.
Reaching out, the flames enclosed his hand & dragged him into the fire.

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