vasectomy august 14 15:45 - 16:00

Fri 14 Aug cont: Linda, a man, arrives to take me to theatre. joke about it being a girl’s name. He just shrugs and tells me he’s the only boy in the family. nurse Antonette and Linda drive the to pre-op waiting area. Ashley pars the bed. seems friendly but distracted, does not make eye contact. not feeling very welcome. curtains are closed. more waiting, fortunately only for a short while. doc Mo arrives. all smiles, very bubbly tells me
“my surname is Glasser and your name is spelled with an L on the board; everybody asking me whether you’re a relative.”
“Mo is short for?” I ask after some of the smalltalk.
“Morag, got that whole Scottish thing going there” she giggles.
she continues to explain the procedure in more detail.
“the injection is going to burn like hell, and if at any stage you feel pain just say something and we’ll give more local”
“thank you”
“are you warm enough?” she asks as she leaves
“a bit cool” I answer
“I’ll get you a blanket”

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