vasectomy august 14 16:00 - 16:30

Fri 14 Aug cont: she arrives a little while later
“I couldn’t find a blanket but I found something better” she smiles and starts up a heater with a big pipe attachment and stuffs it under the blanket.
warm air fills the space between my legs
“wonderful, thank you”
“see you in a bit” she disappears
more waiting
Kirsty arrives. very friendly. feeling more welcome now.
“and this?” she points at the heater.
“Mo couldn’t find a blanket.”
she switches the heater off, folds it up and wheels me into the operating theatre.
previous doc is about to leave, cracks a joke about not wanting to hear the screams. makes me really feel comfortable – not!
get onto operating table, feet on some ugly looking plastic thing. still under blanket.
can see the doc preparing in the room next door. Mo comes in checks under the blanket and ask me to remove the underwear.
ok, brain, switch to meat mode
all calm now, no turning back.
they take off the blanket and adjust the pillow.

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