A Poem

I Stand on my feet
I watch the sky
think, “Isn’t that sweet?”
then start to cry

I look down below,
my crotch feels a TWANG
The pain starts to grow,
‘till it’s freaking insane

I grab hold of my pants
try to stop the hurt
I fall to the floor,
pee myself; just a squirt

I see my young brother
running from me
“Haha I got you!”
He starts to scream

There’s a pain in my tummy
it grows more and more
people seem to think it funny
as I writhe on the floor

I scream, yelp, and shout
“My poor, swollen balls”
But no one helps me,
No one at all

I lie on the floor,
eyesight fades to black.
The only thing I think,
I WILL get him back

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