A Modern Retelling

“I’m roasting” I exclaimed.

My brother looked over at me in sympathy. “Why does Mom always send us up here at the hottest part of the day? Why can’t we get this done in the evening?”

“You’d think she could spend a couple bucks and have a line run instead of us walking up here all the time.”

“Cheap bitch” he said.

All of a sudden the sky darkened up.


“Damn that feels good” he said.

The path started getting muddier and more slippery. We tread carefully but the slope was steep here.

“Oh Shit” he yelled.

I tried to grab him, but he slid then skidded off the trail and hit his head on a rock.

“Oh my God, oh my God” I said as I picked my way down to him.

I knew from the fact that he was out cold that I was looking at at the very least a traumatic brain injury. But when I got close I could see his skull was cracked open. I screamed “Jack! No!”

The vibration caused by my scream dislodged the soft mud underneath my feet. I felt myself going over backwards, tumbling, tumbling…..

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