I'm Here To Be The King!

Just before I fired, I clocked myself on the head with a rock. What the hell was I thinking?!

Turns out, the grandfather paradox is a load of bunk. The cosmic puzzle. So, here I was, saving myself from myself by knocking myself out… I’m going to stop there. I’m getting a migraine.

Anyway, while I distracted (and then murdered) the guards, I hit the return button on the time pack. I watched myself dissolve as I went back to where I had just come from. The Doc would patch me up in time to send me here to hit… Ack! Damned migraines!

I popped to aspirin and moved on.

I got to the castle and headed straight to the throne room. I got there just as I finished off the last two guards. “Hey!”

I turned and took aim at myself. “Woah, Quickdraw! It’s me. You. Us.” Damn. Two more aspirin.

“What’re you… am I… whatever. What’s up?”

“Change of plans,” I said. “The prince is a worse prick than daddy. So, I… we… whatever… take out the king and the prince. And take over!”

Oh, yeah. I love time travel!

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