Seventeen (Part 1)

Kristin tucked her sun kissed blonde hair behind her ears and studied the models in her sister, Amy’s fashion magazines. Kristin sighed, there was Lana Spaccarotella, the “it-girl.” Lana had an exotic look: tanned skin, hazel eyes and long, auburn hair.
Lana was the object of Kristin’s envy. Kristin would hear her older brother talk about how “hot” Lana was. She may have been advertising the lastest bra and panties, but to Kristin all Lana sold to her was the image of who she needed to become.

Kristin thought, “Why can’t I be like that?” Just then, Amy came out of the bathroom, her hair still soaked from the shower. Amy glanced at the page featuring Lana in the latest Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Lana was perfection. Her slender body was spread across the pages; she had a huge smile on her face as though she knew everyone’s secrets.

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