Seventeen (Part 2)

Amy sighed and rolled her eyes. “Okay, like I know that these pictures are always airbrushed and Lana’s so totally anorexic, but still… I’d kill for legs like that,” Amy said as she brushed her hair.

Kristin couldn’t believe what she had just heard. She side-glanced Amy. Long, Shiny, Blonde hair; Big eyes in everyone’s favorite shade of blue, that she inherited from their dad; Mom’s lightly tanned skin with a few freckles sprinkled delicately across her perfect little nose; Thin, but with curves.
Kristin didn’t think it was possible for Amy to be unhappy with her looks. Amy is gorgeous.

Kristin looked at the magazine again. Suddenly Lana didn’t look as good as she did a mere five minutes ago. She closed the magazine and grabbed her favorite Green Day CD and put it into her Walkman. She thought deeply as Billie Joe’s smooth vocals submersed themselves into her ears as “Waiting” came on.

Kristin thought and came to a conclusion. Amy was far prettier than Lana, and more importantly… Amy was real.

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