shower scene 4

With a sharp tug I unhooked your belt and unfastened your fly. You swallowed but didn’t speak. I brushed a hand along your stomach and trailed down to the waistband of your boxers. When I reached in for your growing hard-on, you took a deep breath. When I loosened my grip and slid my fingers down to rake your thighs and tease your balls, you threatened to fuck me, hard. I pushed your boxers and jeans down together and you kicked them off and to the side before stepping into the shower.

One arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer; your other hand reached to the nape of my neck and tangled in my hair. We kissed ravenously. I buried my face in your beard. The water hadn’t washed away your familiar smell.

“Don’t you want to feel how wet I am?” I pulled your right hand down and guided your fingers inside so your palm rubbed my clit at the same time. I hesitated for a moment, enjoying the tease of your fingers and idly stroking your shaft in return, not sure if I wanted you in my mouth or my pussy first.

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