Tasha says no.

Thomas walked into the salon.

“Tasha? Tasha?” he called but he could not be heard over the roar of the hair dryers and anonymous chatter.

Thomas ventured further into the shop. Looking for a girl who looked, well saloney. Thomas soon came up to a girl who looked like she was in charge. She was doing this important looking ladie’s hair and was smacking some gum. The name tag helped.

“Umm excuse me Tasha can i speak to you for a moment?” Thomas said

“No im busy.” Tasha answered sassily

“No. I need to talk to you now.” Thomas said. “Your life depends on it.”

“Get lost creep.” she replied

Thomas felt the nanites pulse warningly in his veins. He very quickly charged Tasha and carried her into a closet. Screaming began to ensue.

“Oh my God someone call the cops!” she yelled “As she was dragged into the closet.”

“Listen Tasha please be under standing!” Thomas cried

Tasha kept screaming.

Thomas clobbered her atop the head with an aerosol can. She quickly slumped over.

“Oh God what have i done…”

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