Anna…I’ve seen no one like her. She is always sitting in the same place, always smiling. When I see her smile it peirces me, I can’t help crying when I see the happiness emit from her perfect face.

I kneel down next to her as she sits, smiling. I touch her soft skin and tell her ‘I love her’, she says nothing. She is the quietest girl I’ve ever spoken to, that’s OK she has a shy spirit. I tell her that she is perfect and that no other girl could ever make me feel so full of life…she smiles at me…that’s all I ask. I close my eyes and move closer to kiss her, she does not flinch or attempt to move away. A dream come true.

She has no imperfections, no marks no bad history..nothing. Why waste my time with other people when all I need is her? She is there when I need her, regardless of my emotions she always smiles at me and attempts to assure me everything will be fine. I stare at times thinking that physical interaction is the next step, we have found this impossible. Back to the blueprints then…Anna

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