Hunger of the Blue Flame

The whole team got together and pulled the mage back from the flames. With combined forces they were able to pull the mage out unharmed.
“This is one of the most powerful spells I have encountered”, the mage muttered in astonishment.
“Can you eliminate it?”
“This is far beyond my powers. Whoever has created this was an Archmage of Evil. And I am merely a beginner in White Magic”
“Then we need to find the mage & the counterspell.”
“The mage is not too far away”, the woman in the flames said, “He never leaves me alone for long, you better be hiding.”
“We need a plan. But before that we need to find out more.”
“First things first – seek a hideout.”
The party scouted the surrounding Area and found a little ditch which provided good cover, but was still in sight and hearing distance of the flame. Quietly & quickly they prepared a makeshift camouflaged camp to be able to stay on & investigate the scene.
Then the wait began. It was not until nightfall before the archmage arrived back…

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