At The Crime Scene

The officer flipped open his notepad. “Alright, Mr…” He paused, looking at the owner of the house.

“Bear. Everyone calls me Papa.”

“Mr. Bear. What time did you return home?”

Papa Bear thought for a moment. “Uh… Around lunch time, I think. Yeah, lunch.”

“Mm-hmm… And when you returned home…”

“We noticed the door was unlocked. We came in, and immediately noticed that someone had been sitting in our chairs. Then we saw someone had been eating our porridge.”

“And she ate mine aaaalllll up,” Baby interjected.

The officer smiled down at Baby, then looked back at Papa. “And that’s when you noticed…”

“That someone had also been sleeping in our beds. She was still there, and, well, I guess we startled her.”

“That’s when she assaulted you?”

“Blond little bimbo went all Bruce Lee on us. Mama and Baby are okay. I think she broke my arm.”

“Okay, Mr. Bear, I think we’ve got it. You get that arm looked after.” He turned to his partner. “Witnesses, Jim. Live ones. I think we can finally bust Ms. Locks.”

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