Things Are Getting a Little Too Normal (1)

Sometimes when you want something so badly… it’s never as satisfying as you think it will be when you do get it. I finally dropped chemistry, and now there is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. But you know what? I miss it. There will be things about that class that I will never miss, like Mrs. Ford, failing every test miserably even when I study and how time stood still in that class. I miss the people. Not bitchy Dana Brown, who swore death on me when I stepped on her flip flops, but Frank, Alysa, Carissa. Even just people like Ryan Marifay, whom I was starting to “like-like.” As a class, as a whole, I miss them all. I feel a tiny bit of sadness knowing that Frank and Mike will say something funny or hassle Mrs. Ford and I’ll miss it.

This made me realize something: Next year when I graduate I am going to miss high school. It’s now inevitable, even though eighth grade was a million times better than high school. I know I’m going to be nostalgic for things and people I never even knew I would miss.

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