Things Are Getting a Little Too Normal (2)

I have study hall eighth period, replacing chemistry. Today in gym, this kid who sat two desks away from me in chemistry was walking by and said, “Hi Stacey.” He only talked to me once, to tell me to push Daniel Fraunhaus off his chair, but still it made me feel weird. My conceited self thought, “Oh yeah, he wants me!” But I don’t want him. This kid was Chris Carr, a “big” guy with messy short hair and no personality for me to judge him on. Why do I attract these people? Why do I always catnip losers? Why can’t I get the hot jock, like Zach Allen?

In gym today, I sat out due to my month long medical break. Ms. Shea’s, Ms. Gangl’s and my gym class were all together playing volleyball as I studied them all like a National Geographic journalist.

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