Things Are Getting a Little Too Normal (3)

I noted that Lisa seems to have moved on from Frank. Her team was playing against the Spanish Soccer Team, aka the kids who seem to turn any sport involving a ball into soccer. She ran over to this greasy looking gangsta guy with spiky black hair and a five o’clock shadow with a red shirt that had “Young Turkz” written on the back and she jumped up and hugged him as he swung her around and she lifted her feet and laughed before slapping him and saying, “Oh… I’m all dizzy now, thaaaaaaaaaanks!” with an annoyed look on her face, which then turned into a smile and a laugh thrown his way. I guess Lisa’s back to her old ways of men. Before Frank, she usually dated gangsta guys or preppy jocky guys, or other guys she called “Tall, Turk and Handsome.” Or as I see it, “Tall(er than Lisa), Turk and (not-so) Handsome.” It’s not hard to be taller than 5’4 Lisa. I totally do not think she’s completely over Frank, I think it’s all a part of her plan.

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