Things Are Getting a Little Too Normal (4)

Frank’s cousin, Marissa MacFarlane was also on Lisa’s team. Marissa is a painfully popular junior girl who was voted “Most Talkative” in middle school. She is really pretty, I think, with her long, wavy dirty blonde hair and big brown eyes. She’s the girl that always has a smile on her face, always talking to someone, always laughing… you get the point. She’s one of those “free spirits.”

Marissa and Lisa were all friendly with each other and Marissa was talking to Charles Goodman, a junior whose last name is the best way to describe him.

Charles: I hate that girls have boobs.
Marissa: Holy crap! What? What did you say?! (sticks out her chest and walks towards Charles)
Charles: All you girls are covering your boobs because you’re afraid of getting volleyballed in the boob.

I know Frank is close with all his family members, so Lisa thinks that telling Marissa how happy she is with That Turk Guy will make Frank jealous enough to want her back.

Little did she know, she didn’t need a master plan.

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