My Summer of Living Dangerously (1)

“She’s like a character off of Saturday Night Live or something,” Summer said, glaring at her new chemistry teacher Mrs. Fordham.

“Definitely,” her friend Elaina replied. They watched as Mrs. “Boredom” reacted to the fire alarm, her arms flailing. Everyone was eager to leave the chemistry lab where Mrs. Boredom was blabbing on about… nothing.

For the past ten minutes Summer had her hand raised, hoping to go to the bathroom, but Mrs. Boredom had denied her request, simply stating, “Learning about the time I worked at a candy store in the ‘60s is more important. Besides, you’re a girl, you can just keegl it.” Summer unknowingly scrunched her nose in disgust. As usual, when Mrs. Boredom had said that it reminded her of “this one time… at the lab…” and her lecture on candy was paused.

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