He Snaps! (Anger - 7DS Challenge)

“That’s it. THAT IS IT!” His yells echoed through the forest, accompanied by the terrified screams of the children.

“I have freaking well had it with you arrogant, greedy little brats!” He flipped over the picnic table, spilling everything on the ground. From out of nowhere, he produced an axe, chopping, hacking, destroying the table. Even that act of violence couldn’t satiate his rage.

Billy, terrified beyond reason, jumped up and ran, crying for help. “Oh, no you don’t!” He scooped up a chunk of wood and hurled it at Billy. Sailing end over end, it struck the boy in the head, knocking him unconscious.

He glared at the rest. “Anyone else care to try and leave?”

They shook their head, tears flying from horrified faces.

Janie threw herself at his feet. “Please, please! We’re sorry, Mr. Rabbit! We promise, we’ll share with you!”

He grabbed her by the shoulders, heaving her off the ground to stare into his enraged eyes. “Silly kid. Trix are for rabbits!”

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