Loose Lips (Sign Challenge)

After the great war my parents emigrated to Toronto from Alsace. We didn’t want to live under the rule of the French, and conditions in Germany were just too bad. I spent my teenage years in Ontario, but we never forgot our home. We followed the papers and saw the chaos in the Weimar republic. The communist fighting the war veterans, France occupied the Ruhr when we couldn’t pay reparations, inflation. Germany needed is a strong hand to lead her. In ‘33 that man came to power. By ‘35 I was back in the fatherland. I spent two years in the Wehrmacht before being reassigned to Abwehr, the intelligence service of my country.

I won’t bore you with the details of my training. But by August of ’39 I was running a small bar near the docks in Halifax Nova Scotia. It’s amazing what a little alcohol and a pretty blonde can persuade a sailor or longshoreman to say. And each night, after closing, I get on my wireless.

Today I heard that 7 of a convoy of 23 ships were sunk.

It’s true. Loose Lips Sink Ships.

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