Illegal, Crossing

Her heart was beating thunderously in her throat. She was breathless looking at the screen for she couldn’t believe her eyes. She had found it.
Quickly, she clicked on every link, every author, every story to make sure that it was true. Her breaths came out in gasps now. She had entered holy ground.

It felt wrong as she slowly created an account for herself. Her mind was racing. She wasn’t invited. She just barged in. Maybe they would ban her for creating an account illegally. She didn’t want that.
It was too late already. She had made an account for herself. With her keys silent and her hands frozen, she sat waiting for the alarm to go off. Five minutes had passed. Nothing had happened. Then, it hit her. Maybe they don’t know yet because I haven’t written a story.
Her mouse was right above the link, “write”. Her heartbeats were loud and clear in her ears as she wrote.

She took a deep breath. Her mouse now hovered near “publish”. This was it. It didn’t matter anymore. She was going to be illegal, crossing.

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