Evil Genius Monologue Practice #3

“Ok, fine. Pie hole. Just shut your pie HOLE-”
“PIE hole.”
“WHATEVER. Just shut it. You have been a thorn in my side for too long, Agent Albert-”
“Agent what? Doc what the hell?”
“Just let me finish the speech, intern. Besides, you’ve got bigger things to worry about right now and we’re running out of time before the serum starts to do its thing. Aw hell…ok, you know what, just go through your little whatever the hell you’re going to do and I’ll use the video to practice my speech later. At least it will be good for timing. And try not to hold back, I need to know when you are feeling what sensations.”
“Uh, thanks doc,” Mark gasped, slumping against the table. His tongue was starting to feel thick and his vision was getting blurry. “My fision id geddig blurry and I dod feel tho well…”
Mark lolled around on the table before slipping down to the floor. Dr. Corros looked at his watch, seemingly disappointed.
“I think I’ll be editing that speech down a bit. Shit.”

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