Lois Lane in: 8 Miles of Trouble

One of the lesser known facts about Lois Lane is that she was a big fan of the sitcom Home Improvement. She took a trip to find a suburb of Detroit called Royal Oak. Unfortunately, the bus guide she grabbed had a typo and she ended up getting on the wrong bus.

Lane had a vague feeling that she was headed in the wrong direction when a car passed blasting rap music. The bus was emptying, so she decided that this must be where she had to get off.

She immediately regretted this decision. The moment she got off the bus a group of
black teenagers caught her eye. They were walking toward her, leaving in her a fear she couldn’t shake. She began to picture what they would do to her, and nothing came to mind other than being robbed and beaten.

She needed it to be over. “Help me Superman, help me!” she screamed.

A dot appeared on the horizon, swooping down and catching Lois, before lifting her to the sky. She looked down and saw the city below her shrink and eventually fade away as she was pulled into the clouds.

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