Evil Genius Monologue Practice #1

“Roll up your sleeve please,” Dr. Corros said while sternly flicking bubbles to the top of the syringe and slightly depressing the plunger, “you’ve been overdue for this since week three.”
“I, uh, you know doc,” Mark shuffled papers into a manilla folder and back out again, “I have a problem with needles. Really, I swear I’m up to date on all my shots. I must be. You can’t go to school without having your vaccinations.”
“Not true at all,” the doctor sighed. “Admissions are incredibly lax in some areas. Just make a fist and hold still. It will all be over in a minute.”
Dr. Corros jabbed the needle deftly in and out of several veins at various intervals along Mark’s forearm. Mark yelped as the perforations made their way up to his shoulder.
“I don’t think I’m familiar with this technique,” Mark squeeked, gritting his teeth. “What did you say this shot was for?”
The syringe clattered to the steel tray, discarded by the doctor as an errant drop of serum plopped silently on the table.

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