Shnequa DeWillams in: Walking Home From 7/11

Shnequa DeWillams paused with her grocery bags in hand to watch a very curious event happening at the bus stop. Apparently Superman had come to Detroit, for no other reason to pick up this lady who screamed for him. It was more amusing than anything really. Doesn’t he have better things to do?

Eventually Superman and the lady disappeared into the clouds, so Shnequa continued her walk home. Her mind had drifted to the usual subjects, her son, who was failing out of school, and her sister, who had started smoking crack again. “Lets see superman do something about that,” she idly thought.

When Shnequa got home briefly considered doing what that white women did, shouting to the sky for superman to help out with things, but she remembered that her brother in law tried that once attempting to get a car out of a ditch and that didn’t do shit.

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