Scruples (3)

He sighed and gently asked, “What do you know about Kaley Ruckner?”
I scrunched my nose and replied, “Well, all I know about Kaley Ruckner I learned from the bathroom wall. She’s apparently a ‘crazy coke whore bitch’.”

“Yeah, that’s kinda true,” Frank laughed, “We hooked up two months ago and Lisa found out, and dumped me. Kaley and I still hook up, but she thinks we’re going out. Her brother’s a drug dealer, gave me some coke and I snorted it all and helped her mix some at her house. Now I help them deal, get high everyday with Kaley and fuck her,” he started to tear up, “I messed up. I only wanted Lisa but she’s with the Turkish exchange student and now that I’m like this, she’ll never take me back. I’m always so depressed when football season’s over. I have to work out everyday because no one would love me if I fucked up.”

I let it slip, “I’d love you even if you fumbled.”

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