New Things To Worry About

We wait around in the parking lot for Amber to come back.

“She’ll be fine Thomas, stop pacing.” Sam said, watching him with amusement.

“I can’t help it,” Thomas replied, continuing to pace. “What if she gets hurt?”

“She won’t.” Suddenly I didn’t feel so good. My stomach churned a bit. Then I bent over and threw up right on the side walk.

Thomas stopped pacing and Sam turned around. “Maddi, what’s wrong?” She asked, concerned.

I was unable to answer as my body decided to spill its guts all over the sidewalk. “Ugh,” I moaned.

“Maybe you should sit down.” Thomas suggested.

“Um, no.” I said, a little bit embarrassed. “I’m fine. I feel better now. Must’ve been something about the food.” Oh my God, why me?

Sam frowned and stood next to me. “Exactly, what do you feel like right now?” She demanded. “The truth.”

“Sick.” I mumbled, “A little dizzy.”

Thomas came over and took my arm. “You need to sit down. You look like you’re about to faint.”

Apparently he was right, I collapsed the very next moment.

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