We ain't all the same

He walked into the office. The office loudmouth blurted out “here’s the IT geek, the guru, come on fix it” His auto defence shields sprang into action all those years of special services took over in a flash. He eyed the office loudmouth up and down and had soon had his measure. After all he had been paid to suss out spies and find their weaknesses. He had despatched many in his service around London, and frankly an ex college football jock was no match.

He replied “ahh normally I just switch it on and off and it works, shame we can’t do the same with your brain” He paused “switch it back on I mean” The office fell into silence they knew that a change had happened. He added “I only work in IT, I couldn’t give a toss how thick the hull of the Starship Enterprise is either, we ain’t all geeks”

With that he walked out of the office telling himself “less anger, these are only civilians”.

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