Scruples (4)

Frank sprang up and turned his head to me, “What’d you say?”

I turned away so I wouldn’t have to look into his sad eyes. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was with my crush of a year; confessing my love to him while he was high.

“It’s just so much pressure. Lisa always helped me out. Now it’s just me, working out all the time. I have to make sure next season is our best ever. Unless I do something stupid or overdose before then,” Frank said.

“Don’t even say that, Frank. You were too good for Lisa,” I reassured him.

Frank just scoffed and rolled his eyes, “Not anymore. I know what people think, they think I’m going downhill. I am, but Lisa is what pushed me this way. I fucking loved her, but I had to cheat on her. First with her best friend, then with Kaley. I’m such a dick! Now look at me, fucking a girl I don’t love,” Frank said, full on sobbing. I didn’t mention that since he hooked up with every girl at our school (except me) twice, there probably wasn’t a time when he didn’t fuck a girl he didn’t love.

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