Scruples (5)

It made me sad to see Frank like this, I leaned over close to him and hugged him tight. “Frank, I… I think you’re just amazing, and… if you ever have a problem, I know you can overcome it,” I said.

He looked deep into my eyes and said, “Stacey, oh God, you’re so sweet. I love you.”

I swallowed hard and just said, “No… no, you don’t.”

“Yes. Yes, I do. I know my emotions are messed up right now but I know I’ve loved you before.” I glanced down, not looking him in the eyes but he slowly put his hands on my face and looked into my eyes. His hands were warm, he moved closer and kissed me. It wasn’t a quick peck, it was like a mini makeout session. His breath tasted like Gatorade and pot but other than that… it was heaven. All I could do was float, and feel. His soft lips crushed against mine, his warm hands ran down my cool body, down to my waist as he started to slowly take down his shorts.

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