Dont bank on this (sign challenge)

Officer Willas saw the car was about three feet above the ground and stuck into the side of the building. You could see where it jumped the curb and became airborne a good thirty feet away. The front end had penetrated the side of the bank, smashing the little drawer just below the bullet proof glass window.

The branch manager was outside, surveying the damage. The driver, a small asian woman of about 65 was seated on the curb next to the building. She held a cloth to her head and was rocking slightly back and forth. She kept on saying, to no one in particular, “ You canna do dat. I try but you canna do dat.”

Officer Willas approached the driver and said “Are you alright, mam?”

“I try. I try to follow sign. I have to go two times around building but still not fast enough. I sorry but you canna do dat.”

“What sign are you talking about?” he asked.

She pointed over to a sign near the entryway.

Drive Thru Window.

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