More Porch Stories

The police combed George’s yard after the discovery of the human leg bone by his dog, Rover. “Where did your dog recover this from?”
“I done told ya, he give it to me after he chased that boy outta my yard.”George explained.
“Who else saw this?”asked the officer.
“How would I know. I was sleepin here on the porch.”
The officer squinted his eyes and said,“You were sleeping ?”
“I like takin my naps right here.Is that a crime?”George defiantly asked.
The officer turned to leave knowing this interview would get him nowhere.
“Hey, did you find my garden?”
“What garden?” the officer stopped and asked with new interest.
“The one I gots out back.”
“I never saw a garden.”
“Y’all just don’t know where to look.” George complained and walked with the officer to a small mound of dirt behind his rackety old shed. There were some dead weeds sticking up out of the hill and the officer noticed a spot that had been recently disturbed. George pointed,“That garden.”
The officer wiped more dirt away to find a glowing rock.

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