The One True Current, Blessed Be It

In the year 1881, The Devil Tesla broke through the gates of hell to deliver upon us the invention known in English as alternating current (the correct, lucifarian name cannot be written in unicode, so it will have to go unmentioned). Foreseeing this event, years prior angels from heaven descended upon earth with what has become known to some as The One True Current, or direct current. Though direct current held much less power then The Devil Tesla’s sorrowful gift to Earth, using it did not corrupt your soul.

For years those who knew of the power of alternating current to destroy the inner being had to go without the conveniences of the electrical world since every device used to require Satan power. That was before the invention of devices such as computer electronics that required the more delicate power of direct current. Yet how was one supposed to power such a device when you couldn’t use the outlets on the walls?

It involved an important discovery of how direct current was delivered upon the world.

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