A Dog Lazy With Sadness, Like a Depressed Dog But Lazier

It was 1846, and a woman met on the street a dog. It talked to her. It said, I have impregnated you with the most perfect man, and I when he is old enough I will tell him the secrets of the cosmos.

In April of the next year that woman gave birth to a curious but happy baby. The child’s name was Thomas Edison.

The dog did come back once Edison was older, guiding him as he created things that changed the world! It included what would become known as The One True Current, or direct current.

Soon though the world would fall into the hands of alternating current, a demon invention of The Devil Tesla, and once Edison passed on the dog was without a home.

Many decades later the dog was found in the woods by a group that knew of the power of alternating current to corrupt the soul. It gave of it’s magical, everlasting but weak and insufficient body to power their iPods with pure DC and asked nothing in return. While it gives some part of the modern world to so few, it is so weakened that it cannot talk anymore.

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