Ever Onward

“Enjoying your company?”

On the balcony Nallog – sharing a bottle of wine with the severed head – turned and glared at his son. “I wished not to be disturbed.”

The Prince smiled. “I dislike your presence as much as you dislike mine, but your soldiers are running rampant.”

“My soldiers have fought for decades, so you can read all your books and never have to lift a sword.” Realizing he should have been holding a sword as he said that, Nallog picked his off the floor and pointed the broken tip at his son.

The Prince slowly advanced. “What books will be left if your soldiers burn them all?”

Dropping his sword and grabbing another bottle, Nallog answered, “You can always write more.”

“But we need the books that exist now in order to continue.”

“Continue?” Nallog stood and shouted, “My grandfather, father, and I have conquered the world! What else is there to continue to?”

In reply, the Prince raised his eyes to the stars just beginning to show in the twilight.

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