Murky Part VII

For the next six days, Bree spent most of her time in service of his majesty the alligator. She took daily walks to the private lagoon to feed Beast. The first few times she was met with the expected violent entrance before the prince would devour the meat she brought. But on day four, he started briskly shambling out of the water to grab the food, then return to the lagoon to float lazily on its surface. Bree considered this a step in the right direction. She also hoped her momma didn’t notice how much baloney went missing.

She spent the rest of her time searching on the Internet for the Prince’s kingdom. Her search results were oddly named places she never heard of- until she came across the Amazon river in South America.

Wikipedia said it was the largest river in the world. Her illuminated imagination quickly concluded the body of water was created by the massive alligator dragging his body across the continent and then going out to sea to Florida.

She decided she would take him maps in the morning.

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